Registered Practitioners

Registered EBT Practitioners 

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In order to be registered on this list, qualified Equine Bowen Therapists must :

Have trained for, and graduated from, the European School of Equine Bowen Therapy Diploma Course. (A pre-requisite of attending this course is that they be qualified Human Bowen practitioners) The course consists of extensive practical & theoretical training with a rigorous three part examination pass required to qualify. (2 practical & 1 written).The examinations are supervised and marked by a Veterinary Surgeon.

Registration is valid for one year - and in any one year practitioners must :

  1. Attend two CPD (Continued Professional Development) days.
  2. Hold a valid First Aid Certificate.
  3. Hold a professional indemnity Insurance Certificate to work on animals.
  4. Have agreed to work within a strict Code of Conduct.

Registered Practitioners display a Car Sticker with their individual registration number on it. Look for the EBT logo or telephone Beth Darrall if you are in any doubt!

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Make sure that the Bowen Therapist you call out is professionally qualified and registered!