Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading For Equine Bowen Therapy Training Course.

1) Horse Anatomy by Peter Goody, published by J. A. Allen & Co Ltd. Price £9.95

2)Horse and Stable Management, incorporating Horse Care by Jeremy Houghton Brown,  Vincent Powell-Smith and Sarah Pilliner, published by Blackwell Science.

3) Saddle Fitting by Kay Humphries, a Allen Photographic Guide, £4.95.

4) For The Good Of The Horse by Mary Wanless, published by Kenilworth Press Ltd, £19.99.

5) Horse Structure and Movement by Smyth and Goody, published by J.A.Allen, £9.95.

6) Understanding The Horse's Back by Sara Wyche, published by Crowood, £15.99.

7) The Veterinary Care of the Horse  by Sue Devereux and Liz Morrison, published by J A Allen & Co. £19.95.

8) The Horse - Physiology  by Julie Brega, published by J.A. Allen & Co. £8.95.

9) Healing For Horses by Margrit Coates, published by Rider. £14.99.

10) Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses by Jack Meagher, published by Cloudcraft Ltd. £10.95.

11) No Foot, No Horse by Gail Williams and Martin Deacon, published by Kenilworth Press. £19.99

12) The Injury-Free Horse by Amanda Sutton, published by David & Charles. £17.99

13) The Bowen Technique by Julian Baker, available from the ECBS office.